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May 15, 2012

For reasons I would rather not share,  I took my blog down from WordPress and “unpublished” my book from Amazon.  Within the last couple of weeks I have posted some of the short stories from my book and reblogged some of the posts I wrote here.  If you are visiting my blog for the first time, all of the content is new.  If you have been following my blog then some of the posts will look familiar.  If you bought my book, I want to say thank you, and hope you will enjoy reading some of the stories again.  I have decided not to publish the second book of short stories I was working on and have posted some of the stories here for the first time.

All of the stories I have written are about Me And My Dogs and our journey through life.  Moving forward I am also going to include stories about You And Your Dogs.  If you would like to share a story with me please email it to  Include your contact information so I can get back to you.  Thanks for continuing to follow me, and I look forward to hearing your stories.